Essential Documents for Launching Your Amazon Seller Account

Starting your journey as an Amazon seller? Ensure a smooth account setup process by preparing the necessary documents in advance. Here’s what you need to have ready:

  • Passport: Provide a clear scan or photo of your passport. Accepted formats are PDF, PNG, or JPG.
  • Identification Document: You can use an ID card or driving license. Ensure it is scanned or photographed clearly and uploaded in PDF, PNG, or JPG format.
  • Bank Account Proof: Provide an English copy of your bank account management approval. This document must include your name and address, matching those on your ID or passport documents. Ensure it is in PDF format.
  • Credit Card Information: Have your credit card details on hand for completing the financial information section.

Gathering these documents beforehand will streamline your Amazon account creation process, letting you focus more on your business rather than administrative hurdles.

To begin the registration process, visit Amazon Seller Central and click on “Sign up.” Follow the prompts to complete your registration with the required documents.

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